Let’s be honest: most About pages suck.


Sure, they list bios, chronological work experience, and education but they’re often dry and personality-free.




Worse, they really don’t help you understand the person you’re trying to find more, well, about.


I'd like to remedy that.










about amy blaschka, president


  • I’ve had a somewhat “accidental career.” (I even wrote a very popular article about it.) What I mean is that my career has been anything but linear. I’ve gone after things that seemed interesting and explored new opportunities when they presented themselves, even (and sometimes, especially) if they were a bit scary and challenged me.

  • I've worked in advertising, marketing, communications, branding and travel/tourism, and in every instance, my parents never quite knew what I did for a living. (They’re getting closer.)

  • I’ve always been in the middle. It’s the best place to connect and it's where I do my best work. From a very young age (and as a middle kid), I had to learn to be an excellent communicator. Observer. Facilitator. Collaborative and creative leader. This skill set has served me well.

  • My favorite thing to do as a child was to create. Still is.

  • I can’t snap with my left hand, but I haven’t let it hold me back.


Here are some things I dig:


  • Positive transformation in any form, especially when helping someone or something present their best selves

  • Expressing myself (Duh, right?)

  • Being told that I’ve inspired someone (The highest compliment.)

  • Learning new things from interesting people I encounter

  • Post-it® notes and whiteboards

  • Traveling the world and discovering new favorite places

  • Witty banter with clever people

  • Chips and guacamole

  • Playing co-ed volleyball

  • Peet’s® almond milk lattes with cinnamon steamed into the milk

  • My awesome friends and family, including my yellow lab, Rigby

  • Always seeing the possibilities


And some that bum me out:


  • Closed-minded thinking (“We’ve always done it this way.”)

  • Pepperoni (Sorry, not a fan.)

  • Trying to be all things to all people

  • Event planning (Please don’t make me – it’s like you’re punishing me! Fortunately, I have people.)

  • Doing the same thing, day after day, week after week

  • Clowns (They're evil.)

  • Settling for good enough




Don’t you feel like you know more about me now?



Psst… If you’d still like to see a more traditional bio, (well, as "traditional" as I can be) you can find it here.


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