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Here are a few organizations I've helped. (For reasons of confidentiality, I don’t list my individual clients):

"Amy was an instrumental and trusted partner in the City's branding efforts. Her strong branding and positioning experience, coupled with her terrific communication skills, made the process easy to understand and enjoyable."


Darrell Doan, Economic Development Director,

City of Elk Grove

"I engaged Amy to assist with my company's brand positioning, and web copy. Amy led with listening. Her authentic desire to understand and craft a message that was clear and engaging was refreshing from the start. Amy was collaborative and flexible while still offering confident direction and opinion. She was a true partner throughout the process and a delight to work with."

Crystal Fernando, Founder, WhatBox? Innovation Partners

"Amy is a dynamic leader and brilliant woman. In our organization’s most challenging times, Amy provided us with superior leadership we so greatly needed. She is a lively, energetic and an organized individual. As an Interim CEO of Visit Oakland, she brought cohesiveness and structure to the office. She worked closely with staff and an outside ad agency to create Oakland’s first branding campaign. I was very impressed with Amy’s review of the day-to-day operations of Visit Oakland and her detailed preparation of a comprehensive report she delivered to the Board. It was a pleasure working with Amy and I look forward to working with her in future."


Sima Patel, Chair of the Board, Visit Oakland

Visit Elk Grove
"As a DMO with a newly established tourism marketing district, Visit Elk Grove hired Amy to help get our organization firmly grounded and poised for success. She’s been instrumental in bringing together our local hotel operators to help establish our vision, mission, goals, marketing angle, budget and more. Amy’s a strategic thinker who knows how to include community stakeholders throughout the various processes to help establish local and regional legitimacy and partners. Amy is excellent at working with newly formed organizations and she is an expert in her field."


Kara Reddig, Chair of the Board, Visit Elk Grove

"I’ve had the privilege of working with Amy Blaschka for over 4 years. In those four years, I have learned so much from her experience, knowledge and insight. Her level of professionalism and expertise has greatly benefited the liaison team and the industry. Amy is a creative thinker and a great facilitator, which made her a pleasure to work with and a great lead on the team. With every goal that was set before her, she was able to exceed expectations. Amy has great skill in addressing multiple issues while offering up solutions. She’s an incredible public speaker, and well versed in building and maintaining relationships. She’ll be a valuable contributor to any project or team."


Bianca Valdez, Industry Relations Manager, Visit California

"Her quick sense of what works and what doesn't,
and her skills of implementation are unparalleled in her field."


Joe Madden, President, VMersion Health

"The city hired Amy to conduct a feasibility study for a proposed tourism improvement district. A huge part of her early work was outreach, where she successfully communicated and established individual relationships with our lodging partners to educate and garner feedback on the possibility of forming a special district. She also expertly facilitated a small group meeting of lodging and city partners, and then seamlessly translated the strategic findings into a well-written analysis and final report."

Debbie Potter, Community Development Director,

City of Alameda

"Amy was consulted about our Tourism Business Improvement District. Our office needed to understand the process by which ours was created and if all criteria was being met. It was clear Amy is an expert in this area, she not only met, but exceeded, our expectations!"


Michelle Itagaki, Executive Director, Richmond CVB

Why people love working with me:
our business.”
"I trust Amy."
"Amy gets it."
"Amy is
creative and
"Amy listens."


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