What Resonated This Week: Connecting the Dots

Years ago when I was a branding consultant at Landor Associates a new publication debuted. Fast Company was revolutionary in its concept of having each issue dedicated to a single topic. Even better? It seemed to hit the nail on the head for me in terms of what I was facing each month at work. Brilliant, and for obvious reasons, truly resonated with me.

Which got me thinking about the many things I read on a daily basis (though they are more likely to be a combination of both hard copy and digital sources, some long form and some quick snippets) and how helpful they could be. In fact, like my beloved Fast Company, I'm tending to home in every week on some central themes and was noodling about how I might 1) harness these ideas and 2) share them.

I must be on the right track because one my favorite writers and LinkedIn Influencers, Bruce Kasanoff (seriously, if you are not already following him you really need to be), recently launched his own version of this on his blog, simply titled "The Smartest Thing I Learned Yesterday." As its name suggests, it is a short, nearly daily recap of something Bruce learned and found valuable. Very helpful.

And LinkedIn ᵁᴺfluencerᵀᴹ Jim Murray has been sharing a weekly roundup of the Top Six Posts on LinkedIn that he found interesting. Also great stuff.

For me, this week was all about connecting the dots — closing the loop between writing and publishing into what sometimes feels like the ether, to commenting on others' posts, to finally having truly meaningful, quality interactions with new and existing connections.

Total win-win.

I'm hoping that sharing my observations weekly around a central theme or topic will be a catalyst for conversation and further discussion, and will help you connect your own dots. In fact, if you'd like to suggest a future topic for consideration, I'd love to hear from you. Just reply in the comments section below.


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