What Resonated This Week: The Eyes Don't Have It (But Easily Could)

Welcome to the fourteenth installment of "What Resonated This Week," where I share my observations around a common theme or topic that made an impact on me, and hopefully will be a catalyst for conversation and further discussion.

Over the last year, I've published posts about what's resonated with me. Connecting the dots was the initial theme, followed by the idea that you need to customize your message and be mindful of your audience. After that, I wrote about finding the courage to ask for help and the power of "Coffee Talk" and connecting in person. Recent posts were on the hidden benefits of road trips, notes written on Post-its®, and customer service. I then wrote about bananas, nuts, and stories that suck as well as triggers. A few months ago I thanked and introduced my BFAM (brother from another mother) and LinkedIn Family, those special folks here we've never met but with whom we feel a certain kinship and ease. Most recently I wrote about timing, and the lessons learned from TV Powww, why it's important to keep it simple and expectations vs. observations.

This week it's about recognizing, accepting, and using tools to improve performance.

The other day I went to the eye doctor for my annual check up. Everything seemed normal. Except for the two pair of glasses I now own. That might not surprise some people who would assume that I refuse to get bifocals or transition lenses. But the weird thing is that I had LASIK surgery, 11 years ago, to correct my nearsightedness. My vision was pretty bad but improved dramatically, to the point that I didn't need to wear corrective lenses post-surgery. So last year when I went to my eye doctor, I was surprised to learn that I could use a slight correction, a little bit of help for the distance vision. According to my optometrist, my eyes are doing this weird thing where they are "borrowing" from my distance vision to see more easily up close. This phenomenon is a gradual process that has happened over time. At this point in my life, I should just have a pair of reading glasses like the rest of the world pushing 50, but I guess my eyes are resisting change and are trying to cheat their way to better sight. Little rebels. Most of the time I do just fine without wearing either pair of my glasses. Sure, at nighttime, when I'm driving in an unfamiliar place I might slip on my distance glasses so I can better read the signs. And you know, I'm wearing my reading glasses as I type this on my computer. My doctor says that it comes down to a preference or quality of how I'd like to see. So, do I need them? Nah. Can I get by without them? Sure. But does the quality of my vision dramatically improve when I utilize simple tools that I have at my disposal? Absolutely. Sometimes you need a little help seeing things clearly. Asking for and utilizing that support may be one of the smartest things you do.

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So, what resonated with you this week? Are you, too, the owner of "rebel eyes?" Are they (or you) resistant to change? Having a hard time requesting assistance? Having a harder time actually using that help? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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