Are You Waiting?

I'm waiting. On a few things. And I don't like it.

You see, I'm the person that has "Make it so." written on her whiteboard. I keep a running to-do list for the satisfaction of checking things off. I like feeling that my efforts matter, and that I've accomplished something, whether it's publishing a new article, getting an errand done, creating a strategic plan for a client, or winning a new piece of business. (Ideally, all four.)

I'd argue to say that you, too, are (or have recently been) waiting.

I guess it's inevitable this time of year: waiting in line at the post office for holiday stamps; for your latte at the coffee shop; or even at home for a plumber to replace a leaky kitchen faucet (or maybe that's just me).

Spoiler alert: Waiting is only waiting if you let it be.

What I mean, is that you can either sit in an impatient but passive mode, waiting for someone else to get back to you, or for something to happen, or you can proactively choose to do something else.

Instead of lamenting that you can't do any more on a project because you're waiting for your client to get back to you, use the time to tackle a new challenge you've put on the back burner.

If a potential client has told you that they love your concepts, but the timing isn't right and to stay patient, brainstorm ways in which you could use your ideas to help someone else who is struggling.

And if you're eagerly awaiting word on whether or not you landed a new client, reach out to a friend or family member to schedule an overdue get-together.

When you shift your perspective and realize that you don't have to wait, amazing things can happen. (Like serving as inspiration for your latest post, for example.)

Just try it.

And remember, consciously not waiting may provide the best thing of all: the gift of time.

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