Are you an Instant Pot® or a Crock Pot®?

For Christmas this year, my Secret Santa got me one of my coveted wishlist items: an Instant Pot® pressure cooker.

For the uninitiated, a pressure cooker boasts the ability to deliver a freshly cooked meal in a fraction of the amount of time. If you're a busy working parent (or simply impatient), you can appreciate the appeal of this tool.

I'm also the long-time (22 years and counting!) owner of a Crock Pot® slow cooker. Also a useful device, the Crock-Pot® allows you to "set it and forget it," meaning you plan ahead, add your ingredients to the pot, and walk away until it's complete, many hours later.

Both appliances yield a similar result through different methods: a satisfying meal.

What if we thought about ourselves and our work styles in the same way?

Are you more of an Instant Pot® or a Crock Pot®? And more importantly, which "pot" suits you and your clients better?

Here are some clues:

  • Do you thrive and do your best work under pressure?

  • Does your client require a fast turnaround?

  • Do you and your customers embrace the latest technology to solve problems?

You're probably an Instant Pot®.

  • Is your motto "slow and steady wins the race?"

  • Does your customer want the project timeline to incorporate milestone check-ins with various groups?

  • Do your clients appreciate your previous experience with similar projects?

You might be a Crock Pot®.

Of course not every person or client fits neatly into one box or the other. Me? I'm a little of both and aim to customize my methods to best suit my clients' needs. Though I say I'd like more time to complete projects, I find that having an impending deadline puts a little fire under my butt and keeps things humming along. That said, there are times when a pressure cooker mentality is required ("I need that blog post yesterday!"), and there are instances where a slow cooker methodology is just what the doctor ordered ("Can you facilitate another meeting with our stakeholders before you finalize our strategy?").

Both will get the job done, but it's up to me to know the best strategy to employ.

And perhaps that's the real message here: one size (or cooker) does not fit all.

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