There Are Two Kinds of People In The World

There seem to be two types of people in this world: those who will tell you that you have broccoli in your teeth, and those who won’t.

In my experience, those who do tell you tend to be observant and helpful.

And those who won’t are either too wrapped up in their own world to notice, or take pleasure in snickering behind your back.

I say this because I’ve always been the former, rather than the latter. But with one big caveat: I’ll do so quickly and privately, so as not to embarrass or upset you.

This got me thinking about some of the metaphorical broccoli I’ve seen this week on LinkedIn, and how not everyone is as discrete. Or kind.

In fact, some people have been downright rude about it, using it a launching pad for negative, mean-spirited, and sometimes sexist remarks, often having nothing to do with the author’s original post.

I choose to believe that most people are on LinkedIn for the same reason I am: to connect and build relationships with people from around the world, in a positive and encouraging manner.

And if that means that someone thinks I or one of my valued connections has broccoli in our teeth, so be it. I have a feeling one of you kind souls will let us know.

#encouragement #content

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